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As a meditative stone, the Morganite can be put on the region of the heart. To quickly reduce the symptoms of stress, you can put at the center of a circle made ​​of these stones, then you should continue to take the morganite in direct contact with the body for a long enough period.

The Morganite helps to see the true nature of selfishness, fanaticism, narrowness of ideas and the tendency to blame. Induces, at the same time, to devote himself to a contemplative life basically. It inspires love towards life and towards all living beings.
The Morganite reduces stress and tension, and promotes awareness of the needs of the sockets unconscious and repressed emotions, which makes it easier for the expression.
The Morganite teaches the individual not to be greedy and to derive satisfaction from his mind, although this is not dedicated to the success and profit. It does open to inspiration.
Physical Layer: The Morganite reduces stress. It is indicated in diseases related activities, such as heart disease, nervous breakdowns, dizziness and impotence.

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