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TheCrystal therapy is an alternative medical practice to the rectorywhich stands becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Thistechnique uses certain minerals and stones that are placed indifferent parts of the body to eliminate specific dysfunctions anddiseases. According to the proponents of Crystal therapy each stonepossesses an aura of energy that has the ability to redirect andbalance the functions of cells within the different animal organisms,including humans of course.

Sinceancient times, this practice has been used and studied in depth, andnow all over the planet observers and users of Crystal therapy aremillions.

Stillthere is however no scientific evidence of the actual effects ofCrystal on the body, but those who use it talks about the benefitsboth physically and psychologically, bringing harmony and serenity inthe subjects.  

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In the case of specific physical problems, you should use a Agate whose shape remember that the organ in question. The stone will have to be kept in d
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Amazonite: It is advisable to take it, lay it on the body or take it in the form of essence.
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The best results are achieved through a long and frequent use. Hanging by a chain for children, this stone is more useful when it is occasionally also flow from the mother.
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To achieve long-lasting effects on the spiritual plane, the subject should constantly bring with it the amethyst (mounted on a locket or a ring) or, should contemplate regularly. As for the second possibility, note that the circle consists of amethyst sto
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The Apatite must be kept in direct contact with the body to relieve pain and accelerate the calcification of bones fractured, must be applied to the affected area.