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The Aventurine  can be "worn" for long periods as an ornamental stone mounted on medallions, rings or bracelets. In the case of acute disorders, should be placed directly in contact with the region.

Aventurine helps the subject to understand what can make you happy, thereby enhancing its individuality and its ability to make decisions. The "helps to dream" and to turn her dreams into reality.
Promotes relaxation and allows you to recover on their own. Fight insomnia, it makes more patients and counteracts the angry.
Mind: It stimulates enthusiasm and creativity and at the same time, the spirit of tolerance and availability to the ideas of others.
Physical Layer: Promotes the regeneration of the heart muscle. Stimulating fat metabolism, lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. In this way, prevents atherosclerosis and heart attacks. It also has an anti-inflammatory, relieves dermatitis and allergies and strengthens the connective tissues. Plays, finally, analgesic action.

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