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The Apatite must be kept in direct contact with the body to relieve pain and accelerate the calcification of bones fractured, must be applied to the affected area.

The apatite makes fair and open to others. Produces an increase in extroversion, motivation and drives, prompting the individual to live a fuller life.
The apatite helps fight apathy. Infuses vitality, and is indicated in states of exhaustion, especially if caused by an excess of assets or a decrease of aggressive impulses.
Mind: Relieves the sorrows, decrease anger and helps to revive interest, prompting the subject to see the pleasant aspects of life.
Physical Layer:
Stimulates appetite, mobilizes energy reserves and induces the regeneration of cells, especially those of cartilage, bones and teeth. It is indicated, then, in rickets in arthritis, pain in joints and fractures.

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