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Ametist Rose De France 72.40 gr. - Code: AMTRF123001 - Amount available: 1

Estimate Cut: 1 Heart of 70 kt; Or 2 Ovals of 35 kt each; Or 2 Pears of 30 kt each. All slightly included. The cutter suggests the two Ovals cut one  to gain in colour.
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The gemstones are, since antiquity, rich in beauty and history. Their variety of different shapes and colors offers a range of infinite choices but before you buy any gemstone is good to learn more about different aspects essential. In fact there are certain criteria and rules are essential for anyone who wants to buy a gemstone that is of high quality. Gems are generally defined as natural materials (usually minerals) that are used after a suitable processing, for ornamental purposes or in jewelry.

Each gemstone is different from each other and this is given by the essential aspects present in each of them. We are referring to the famous 4 evaluation criteria of the gems: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight. In addition to these 4 important aspects you must not underestimate other considerations such rarity, market demand and origin when buying a gem.

The classification of purity

To classify the purity is necessary to have a system to communicate the results in a clear and understandable. This classification is used by most of the experts in the field and has spread very rapidly in the jewelry industry. All measurements are done by an expert with a magnifying glass to ten times magnification.

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