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It is advisable to take it, lay it on the body or take it in the form of essence.

Spirit: Strengthens the ability to make decisions. It helps the person to get rid of the idea of ​​being the victim of a cruel fate and unchangeable, and encourages him to take a spirit of trust in God
: Reduces the extreme fluctuations of the mind, acting as a tranquilizer. It helps to overcome the states of sadness and a sense of oppression, instilling a deep spirit of faith in God
Mind: It helps the individual to solve his problems, prompting him to make use of both intuition than reason.
Physical Layer:
Delete metabolic disturbances in the liver. It works by relaxing and loosening muscle spasms, including those that may occur during birth. Contributes also to strengthen the nervous system, and is useful for brain disorders. Harmonizes the functions of the pituitary and thymus gland, regulates the vegetative system and internal organs. A further its effect is to attendance heart problems caused by excessive worry.

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