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The Amazonite stone is a metamorphic or magmatic origin that belongs to the class of mineral silicates.
You can 'also found in nature in crystals of considerable size (if you know some heavy a few hundred pounds) and is formed in granitic pegmatite’s.
Its colors range in a pastel blue-green hue very delicate, reminiscent of ancient worlds, wonderful, mysterious, submerged and disappeared today as the mythical Atlantis.

The amazonite was nostalgia to the Indians of the Rio Negro in Brazil, due to its similarity with nephritis, I associated the origin of the "Land of Women".
He also appears in Greek mythology, according to which the indomitable warriors wore armor adorned with a blue-green gem and just this owed ​​their extraordinary physical prowess and vehemence combative.
The ancient Egyptians used it to make cups, as talismans and amulets against drunkenness to propitiate the gods against the vices.
The vibrations stimulate of Amazonite to finish what you started, then makes persevering and strengthens the ability to make decisions.
This stone is also worn by gamblers to attract money and luck. It also makes use anyone faces risks to ensure success.

The Amazonite is a wonderful stone, whose color varies from light green to darker green, to blue.
It often contains white crystalline veins which give it the beautiful light reflections.
Its color is greenish or blue-green semi-opaque due to the presence of lead. It 'also called "Amazon Rock" as it recalls the water of a river, such as the Amazon, where there are the most' important deposits.
And 'recognizable by the sharp cleavage, characteristic of feldspars, which assumes a pearly sheen.
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