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Inthe case of specific physical problems, you should use a Agate whoseshape remember that the organ in question. The stone will have to bekept in direct contact with the skin on the affected area. If youwant to influence the psychological mental, will be sufficient tomaintain the Agate within its field of view.


Spirit:The Agate promotes the need for introspection leads to a peacefulvision of the world, and helps to find within himself the answer totheir questions. It also facilitates the critical analysis of theirown experiences, promoting spiritual growth, as well as the stabilityand realism.


Psyche:The Agate makes you feel protected and secure your subject, making itless tense, and puts him in a position to better withstand externalinfluences. In this regard, we recommend specimens characterized byequal and concentric stripes. If the Agate contains in its nucleusRock Crystal, activates the faculty of memory, allowing even theemergence of memories of previous lives.


Mind:The Agate promotes logical thinking rationally, prompting the subjectto go to the heart of the problems it is facing. In this way, ithelps to develop pragmatic solutions, which calmly, but firmly, to beapplied to reality. The Agate promotes concentration on theessential, avoiding the dispersion.


PhysicalLayer: The Agate performs a function similar to that of the humanaura, and because it is used for protection for the whole body, andbecause it has a harmonizing and stabilizing health. It also promotesthe regeneration and growth, also performing the function ofprotection during pregnancy. Its peculiar structure, in which thereare several crystals, allows a selective action in respect of theorgans in the layered structure as, for example, the skin. It isindicated for the treatment of eye diseases and conjunctivitis, aswell as in that of the gastro-intestinal tract.

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