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By the heavenly light to the deep blue sea, Aquamarine shows all the nuances of an extraordinarily beautiful range of the usual blue.
It 'a stone really fascinating, one of the most' popular in the market thanks to its brilliance exciting.
Women all over the world prefer for its beautiful blue color, which fits almost perfectly to any skin or eye color.
Even the creative gemstone artists find inspiration for new cuts more often dall'acquamarina than from other stones.

The aquamarine blue is indeed a divine and eternal color, the color of the heavens, as well as the color of water with its life-giving properties.
And in fact aquamarine seems to have incorporated the blue of the seas. This is not surprising, since according to legend it has its origin in the treasure chest of the legendary mermaids, and for years was considered the lucky stone of sailors.
According to the ancients, its strength grows best when the stone is immersed in radiated by the sun.
Its light blue arouses feelings of sympathy, trust and harmony. Good feelings, which makes a welcome gift for a partner, as a symbol of lasting relationships.

The Aquamarine, like emerald, belongs to the family of beryl. although compared to other stones of the same color family is more evenly distributed throughout the stone.
Found more often than its famous green brother, Aquamarine is usually almost free of inclusions. Its good toughness makes it quite robust and generally protects it from getting scratched.
His brilliance has made it one of the stones more 'popular ever in trade around the world. The more intense is its color, the higher its value. The deposits most 'famous of this wonderful gemstone are found in Brazil and Central Africa.
Iron is the element responsible for the color in, and the shades of blue displayed range from pale blue, almost colorless to bright blue of the sea. The more intense the color of an, the higher its value.
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