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In order to have an effect on the spiritual level the Moon Stone must be placed on the forehead. As for effects on the psychological level must be applied to the region of the heart. Alternatively, it is sufficient to take her with him.

Spirit: Moon Stone stimulates mediumistic faculties and prescient of the subject. Produces lucid dreams, especially during the full moon.
Psyche: Moon Stone unconscious improves the ability of the subject to perceive light, thus making it become more intuitive. Intensifies the feelings, facilitates dream recall and mitigates the moody temperament.
Mind: Moon Stone allows the individual to more easily accept their irrational aspects. In this way, s on the one hand makes it open towards the so-called "flukes", on the other lets prey of their illusions.
Physical Layer:
Moon Stone stimulates the activity of the pineal gland. Making it more sensitive to light allows you to harmonize the hormonal cycle with the rhythms of nature. In this way it makes the woman more fertile and helps to overcome the problems associated with menstruation, after childbirth or critical age.

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