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The Aquamarine can be kept in contact with the body for long periods also. In the case of pain in the eyes, the stone will be placed directly on the eyelids to achieve the therapeutic effect hoped for.

It promotes inner growth, vision, foresight and mediumship. Makes sincere, persevering, dynamic and ensures success in every field you have to operate.
Psyche: Produces a sense of lightness and tranquility, instilling confidence in the individual to be able to accomplish everything that you set itself, thus giving an enormous charge and push towards the finish line.
Mind: Eliminate the confusion, on the other hand by stimulating the desire for order and define the unresolved issues.
Physical Layer: Harmonize the activity of the pituitary and thyroid, regulating the growth and hormonal balance. It also improves eyesight and reduces excessive reactivity of the immune system. E 'indicated, therefore, disorders that affect the latter and allergies, especially in hayfever.

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