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To achieve long-lasting effects on the spiritual plane, the subject should constantly bring with it the amethyst (mounted on a locket or a ring) or, should contemplate regularly. As for the second possibility, note that the circle consists of amethyst stones have a particularly energetic. To shed light on the nature of your dreams, you simply put a crystal clear and shiny under the pillow. Other effects on the psychological level are achieved through the Druze Amethyst or fragments of druses, which are located in their own home. The emission intensity of their aura is such as to positively influence the mood of those who frequent the place in which they find themselves. With regard to the therapy at the physical level, it is recommended to keep the mineral in direct contact with the affected area, or of resorting to the traditional essence (for example in the case of disorders of the nervous system or bowel).
Spirit: Promotes spiritual awareness and facilitates awareness of the reality of the soul. Strengthens the sense of justice, honesty and critical thinking skills and gives righteousness. As a meditative stone, it appears useful because it enhances the capacity for introspection, revealing the subject inner wisdom.
Psyche: Its use is useful in times of sadness, especially when they are caused by damage or losses, allowing the excess. Facilitates the emergence into consciousness of the dream images. If you put it under your pillow, makes it more vivid and clear dreams. After a few days it will become sleep deep, quiet and actually refreshing. In the waking state, amethyst promotes inspiration and intuition.
Promotes awareness and sobriety. Helps to address in a coherent and conscious all the situations in which it is located. It helps the concentration and efficiency of thought processes, thus helping to overcome the mechanisms and uncontrolled manias.

Physical Layer:
The amethyst acts to diminish the pain and tension, especially those linked to headaches, wounds and swellings (the latter diminish rapidly). It solves the problems of the organs of ectodermic origin, is useful, therefore, in diseases related to the nervous system, lungs, respiratory system and skin. In the gut, regulates the bacterial flora and the absorption of liquids.

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