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The best results are achieved through a long and frequent use. Hanging by a chain for children, this stone is more useful when it is occasionally also flow from the mother (who in this way can record relevant information).

Amber favors the development of a solar nature in the subject, that although at first may appear docile, has in fact a 'heightened awareness of himself. Furthermore, it makes spontaneous and open, even if at the same time traditionalists.

Brings cheerfulness and happiness. Makes peaceful and optimistic, reinforcing the sense of self-confidence. Thanks to the development of these qualities, the individual can more easily achieve success.

On the mental plane, amber decreases the resistance, makes it elastic and stimulates creativity. Due to the fact that can more easily to achieve their desires, the individual feels more motivated in life, which is revealed to him of great value.

Physical Layer:
Relieves upset stomach, spleen and kidneys, as well as dermatitis produced by a bad metabolism. It is also useful in cases of joint problems, strengthens the mucous membranes and helps teething in children.

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